Welcome to “Delivery and Controlled Release Technologies” (DCRT) Laboratory. Our expertise lies in encapsulation techniques to enable for controlled and sustained release of the encapsulated agents, and materials characterization. Our goal is to translate our cutting-edge technologies for commercial applications. The techniques we employ may include matrix, film-based, or particulate technologies. To achieve this, we collaborate with scientists and companies across the globe. We invite you to tour our website and to contact us if you have any queries. Thank you!

Joachim Loo PhD
Associate Professor & Associate Chair (Students)
School of Materials Science and Engineering, NTU


Our Reseach Focus

Particulate Systems as Drug Carriers

Targeted Delivery of Hybrid Particles for Osteomyelitis

Drug-eluting Balloons


Nanomaterials for Environmental & Energy Applications



Latest News

31 Jul 2018

Congratulations to Dr Fan Yanliang Betty, Dr Sharel Kharel, Dr Vidya N Chamundeswari, Mr Ho Chin Guan and the DCRT-FYP students on their convocation. Dr Vidya N Chamundeswari has also received the best thesis commendation award for her thesis on the convocation day. Great Job to all.

25 Apr 2018 Congratulations to Dr Baek Jongsuep and the rest of the authors from NUS, TTSH and NNI for their manuscript titled "Improved Bioavailability of Levodopa Using Floatable Spray-Coated Microcapsules for the Management of Parkinson’s Disease" been published online in NeuroMolecular Medicine (SpringerLink).
24 Apr 2018 Congratulations to Fan Yanliang Betty, Dr Tan Chuan Hao and Dr Lui Yuansiang for their manuscript titled "Mechanistic formation of drug-encapsulated Janus particles through emulsion solvent evaporation" been accepted in RSC Advances (RSC).
24 Apr 2018 Congratulations to Dr Vidya N Chamundeswari and Dr Roger Chuah Yon Jin for their manuscript titled "Multidrug-eluting Bi-layered Microparticle-Mesh Scaffolds for Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration" been accepted in Journal of Materials Chemistry B (RSC).
16 Apr 2018 Congratulations to Dr Vidya N Chamundeswari for completing her PhD Oral Defense on 16th April 2018. Dr Vidya N Chamundeswari joined our DCRT group in MSE as a PhD candidate in Aug 2013 and focused her research on the development of fibrous scaffold for various delivery for strategies bioactive molecules in Tissue Engineering Application.
21 Feb 2018 Congratulations to Mr Jerome Lim and Dr Vidya N Chamundeswari for emerging as the First Runner up for the preseneted topic titled "Responsive Nasogastric tubes for confident intubation in the Ian Ferguson Innovation Challenge (IFIC) for AY/17/18.

Ian Ferguson Innovation Challenge (IFIC) for AY/17/18 was supported by the Ian Ferguson Foundation. The IFIC is a ground-up, student-centric catalyst that spurs innovation, prototype development and an entrepreneurial mindset among students at NTU MSE.
31 Jan 2018 Congratulations to Ms Kaarunya Sampathkumar for her manuscript titled "Targeted gastrointestinal delivery of nutraceuticals with polysaccharide based coatings" been accepted in Macromolecular Bioscience (Wiley).
29 Jan 2018 Congratulations to Dr Baek Jonsuep and Dr Tan Chuan Hao together with the SCELSE team for their manuscript titled "A programmable lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticle system for localized, sustained antibiotic delivery to Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacterial biofilms" been accepted in Nanoscale Horizons (RSC).
25 Jan 2018 Congratulations to Dr Sharad Kharel for completing his PhD Oral Defense titled "Hollow Microparticles as Superior Carriers for Encapsulation and Delivery of Biomolecules". Dr Sharad Kharel joined our DCRT group in MSE as a PhD candidate under the guidance of Prof Joachim Loo in 2013 and focused his research on the development of hollow microparticles for various delivery strategies.

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