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  1. Target-specific gastro-intestinal delivery of nano-nutraceuticals and nano-modulating systems for reducing absorption of unwanted substances – A sustainable approach (NTU-Harvard/2017) - Ongoing

  2. Responsive nasogastric tubes for confident intubation (MOE POC/2017) - Ongoing

  3. Microbial-modifying molecules that enhance wastewater remediation (MOE/2016) - Ongoing

  4. Dual‐chemotherapeutic drug delivery systems – pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics validation (SPARK/2016) - Ongoing

  5. Controlled release polypharmacy system for parkinson's disease management (NTU-NHG/ 2014) - Ongoing

  6. Bringing novel biomarkers and technologies closer to clinical application (NHG/2013)

  7. Understanding the social, environmental and health impact of nanomaterials (NTU/2013)

  8. Developing paclitaxel-loaded poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) particles as a treatment modality in breast cancer (NMRC/2013)

  9. Artificial molecular wires/nanowires for enhancing bioelectronic performance (MOE-Tier 2/2013

  10. Development of novel remote bioelectrochemical detectors (BED) for sustainable water infrastructure (SEO/2013)

  11. Enhancing microbial redox metabolism for reductive transformations using TETMs (SCELSE/2012

  12. Conceptual design of the gastric band (SPRING/2011)

  13. TiO2 nanomaterials cause endothelial cell leakiness (MOE-Tier 1/2011)

  14. Development of sustained release ganciclovir implant for treatment of CMV retinitis in HIV-AIDS patients (NTU-NHG/2011)

  15. Drug-Eluting Balloons (DEB) – Controlled delivery through nanoparticulate coating (NTU-NITHM/2011

  16. Drug loaded microparticles encapsulated into bioadhesive films, locally delivered by angioplasty balloons (NRF POC/2011)

  17. Drug-releasing bioactive materials and adipose stem cells as autologous scaffolds for bone tissue engineering (A*STAR/2011)

  18. Effect of topical application of encapsulated PPARbeta/delta agonist GW501516 microparticles, with two release kinetics, on cutaneous wound healing in diabetic mice – a preclinical animal study (NMRC/2011

  19. Bone-targeting nanomedicine for treating osteomyelitis (NMRC/2009)

  20. Biodegradable cardiovascular implants: drug-eluting balloons (NRF/2008)

  21. Stealth hydroxyapatite nanoparticle for targeted delivery and bioimaging (MOE-Tier1/2007)




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