Organometallic Cluster Chemistry

A large part of the applications which we look into involve organometallic clusters; these are organometallic compounds that contain metal-metal bonds. We are interested in the synthesis and properties of organometallic clusters, from homometallic to those containing two or more different metals, either all transition elements (heteronuclear) or containing the heavier main group elements (intermetallic). For example, we recently reported the first example of a tetraosmium(I) carboxylate chain with an unsupported Os-Os bond.

Our primary interest, however, is in clusters containing different metals/metalloids and we have found that the osmium-antimony system is replete with fascinating new chemistry. One of the most interesting is the discovery of the metallostibine below. It is very strongly electron-donating for a stibine, with a measured donor ability comparable to that of alkylphosphines!