Nanomaterials and Heterogeneous Catalysis

Our interest lies at the interface between organometallic chemistry and the surface and materials sciences. We are interested in:
The potential of organometallic clusters as precursors for size-controlled deposition of nanoparticles, thin films and metallic phases.
The employment of mixed-metal clusters as precursors for the generation of metallic nanoalloys with controlled composition.
Studies of the substrate-surface interface via molecular models.

For example, we have recently reported that the use of organometallic clusters such as [Ru5PtC(CO)15]2- as precursors afforded metallic catalysts with superior performance for the production of hydrogen via ethanol steam reforming.

Another is our demonstration that the linear organometallic polymer [Ru(CO)4]∞ is a precursor for metallic ruthenium nanofibres, i.e., the shape of the organometallic precursor can affect the shape of metallic nanoparticles obtainable from it.