Current group members


Graduate students

Liang Xin
BSc (Hons), Northeast Normal University
Graduate student, member since Jan 2021
- to boldly go where no man has gone before

Teresa Lim Yu Ping
BSc (Hons), NTU
Graduate student (ERIAN), member since Jun 2020
Working on Bioorganometallic Chemistry


Wong Zhen Xuan
Undergraduate, member since Sep 2020
A second year student interested in bioorganometallic research.

Glen Goh Wee Zhuan
Undergraduate, member since Feb 2021
A "third year" student who made the switch from organic to organometallic chemistry and now aspires to synthesise osmium-tin rings.

Er Xin Hui
Undergraduate, member since May 2021
Interested in exploring the world of organometallic chemistry.

Luke Tham Jee Yung
Undergraduate, member since May 2021
Soon to be final year student interested in organometallic research.

Visiting scientists

Tan Yong Leng Kelvin
Hwa Chong Institution
Member since 2000

Rakesh Ganguly
Shiv Nadar University
Member since 2009