Selected Invited Presentations ( Total = 38)

  • Physics and optics of nanoscale patterning, Raman Optronics Webinar Series (ROWS) (2020)
  • Recent developments in high resolution imaging and impact of contrast agents in diagnostic multi-modal optical imaging, 2nd International Biophotonics Conference, Singapore (2017)
  • Multi and Hybrid optical imaging for medical diagnostics and effects of nano-revolution, Joint Workshop on NTU-TUM Biomedical Imaging, MUNICH, Germany (2016)
  • Multi-optical and Hybrid-Optical modality imaging in medical diagnostics and the effect of nano revolution, The Photonics Institute - Institute of Physics and Applied Physics (TPI-IPAP) workshop, Yonsei University, Korea (2016)
  • Micro and Nanoscale patterning of features using near field interferometric concepts, SF-MINAS2013, Goldcoast, Australia (2013)
  • Near field lithography - the challenges for meeting the forecasted technological nodes and the relevance of plasma sources, International conference on plasma science and applications (ICPSA 2013), Singapore (2013)
  • Biomedical fiber optics - Latest trends in high-resolution imaging for medical diagnostics applications, 2nd International Conference on Bio-sensors and Bioelectronics, Chicago USA (2013)
  • Role of Fiber optics in medical diagnostics, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of California, Davis, USA (2006)
  • Optical NDT for engineering applications, The Non-Destructive Testing Society, Singapore (2006)

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