• E- beam Lithography System (Raith) + Associated Software (ELPHY Quantum Version 4)
  • Conventional Interferometric Lithography System (In-house developed)
  • Evanescent Wave and Plasmonic Interference Lithography System (In-house developed)
  • Multi-axis High resolution Fiber Confocal System (In-house developed)
  • Optical Metrology and NDT Equipment
  • Fiber Optics Metrology Systems (In-house developed)
  • Speckle Metrology System (In-house developed)
  • Digital Shearography System (In-house developed)
  • Photoacoustic Spectroscopy/Imaging System (In-house developed)

Lasers and Other Light Sources

  • Mira 900 Femtosecond laser
  • Deep UV Laser for Lithography and Nanoscale Patterning (266nm)
  • Spectra physics Argon Ion CW Laser system (363.8nm)
  • Coherent Innova 90C 6W Argon Ion CW Laser system (Multiline-363.8nm,478nm, 528nm)
  • Surelite Continuum I20 Nd:YAG Laser 300mJ, Nanosecond Pulsed laser (1064nm, 532nm)
  • Bigsky CFR400 Nd:YAG Laser 500mJ, Nanosecond Pulsed laser (1064nm, 532nm)
  • Anritsu Optical Spectrum Analyser and Tunable Laser.
  • IPG 1.5W (1064nm)
  • He-Ne Laser 633nm 2mW, 13mW, 30mW
  • Diode Laser - 473 nm, 2x SM fibre-coupled
  • Diode Laser - 532 nm, 2x SM fibre-coupled
  • Diode Laser - 532 nm, 1x SM fibre-coupled, variable power output
  • Diode Laser - 640 nm, 2x SM fibre-coupled, 13 mW output at each fibre tip
  • Diode Laser 405 nm
  • Diode Laser - 641 nm
  • DPSS Laser - 473nm
  • DPSS Laser - 532 nm
  • TEC LD mount (Laser diode controller and temperature controller)
  • Polychromatic Light Source Omnichrome

Spectrophotometer and Related Components

  • Avantes Fiber Optic Spectrometer (CMOS sensor)
  • OceanOptics Fiber Optic Spectrometer
  • Spectrofluorometer and Lifetime Analyzer Edinburgh Instruments
  • Shimadzu UV-Vis-NIR Spectrphotometer
  • Andor Kymera 328i high-resolution Imaging Spectrograph
  • Solid Etalon Casix
  • Monochromator + PMT unit

CCD Cameras

  • Medigus Camera and Video Processor 3mm CCD
  • Medigus Camera and Video Processor 1.8mm CCD
  • Andor iStar iCCD
  • CCD Camera Basler
  • ICCD Lavision
  • High Rate Imager Kentek

Photodiode and Related Other Measuring Equipments

  • Digital Mirror Device Texas Instruments
  • Power/Energy Meters
  • Photodiodes Thorlabs
  • Balanced Photodetector Thorlabs
  • UV Collimation Tester Ocean Optics
  • IR Viewer 1700 Model with Headband Newport
  • Condenser Microphone and Power supply Bruel & Kjaer
  • Nanovoltmeter Keithley

Microstructured Fibers

  • Image Fibers (with and without lens) - 100,000 pixels
  • Image Fibers (with and without lens) - 50,000 pixels
  • Image Fibers (with and without lens) - 30,000 pixels
  • Image Fibers (with and without lens) - 15,000 pixels
  • Double Clad Photonic Crystal Fibers
  • Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fibers

Electronic Instruments

  • Electro-Optic Modulator Conoptics
  • Power Supply (0-30V) HP
  • Function Generator x2 Agilent
  • Digital Oscilloscope Tektronics
  • Pre-Amp Olympus
  • Ultrasound transducers and associated electronics
  • Electronic weighing balance
  • Magnetic stirrer

High Resolution Stages

  • 5nm fully automated XYZ piezo stages Thorlabs
  • 50nm fully automated XYZ servo stages Thorlabs
  • Motorised rotation stages Thorlabs
  • 3-Axis MicroBlock Flexure Stages Thorlabs

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