Research Areas

I am leading a research group that focuses on the innovative interdisciplinary research and development based on Applied Optical Engineering that can find potential applications in the areas of Biomedical Optics, Nanoscale Optics, and Optics for Metrology. These R&D projects integrate multi-disciplinary themes and aims to solve the challenges related to the current unmet needs of the industries.

STUDY/RESEARCH FOCUS AREAS - Imaging optics from macro to nanoscale and Instrumentation

  • Biomedical optics: high resolution and multi-modality imaging, Hyperspectral imaging.
  • Imaging at micro and nanoscale (Nanoscale Optics): Conventional and near filed interference patterning, Optical and laser speckle lithography.
  • Optical metrology and instrumentation: speckle metrology, Micro- and nanoscale metrology.


      • Project title: High-resolution, Non-contact Ocular Imaging [COLE, Biomedical Optics]
      • Project title: Large Area Dimensional Measurements [COLE, Applied Optics for Metrology]
      • Project title: Multi-Material 3D Printer Using Multi-Wavelength High-Power Lasers [SC3DP, Laser-based Micro and Nanoscale Fabrication]
      • Project Title: Real-time crop health monitoring and nutrient analysis system for waste reduction and productivity improvement in hydroponic cultivation [COLE, Applied Optics]
      • Project Title: Magnetic field-assisted modulation of inter-plasmonic coupling for potential applications under industry 4.0 [COLE, Lasers and Applications]
      • Project: HyCE: Hybrid Manufacturing of Integrated 3D Graphene Electronics for the Smart Infusion System [COLE, Applied Optics]
      • Project: STANCE- Wireless Miniaturized GonioPen 2.0 for Retinal Imaging and Surgical Applications [COLE, BOIL]
      • Project: STANCE- Bessel Beam Based Light Sheet Microscopy of Trabecular Meshwork of the Eye [COLE, BOIL]
      • Investigation into multispectral and hyperspectral imaging and multispectral nonlinear optical properties [COLE-NLO]
      • Plasmonic & Bio-inspired random lasers and their applications in sensing [COLE-Imaging and NDT]
      • Aerospace Metrology -High resolution surface topography and surface roughness measurements [COLE-Optical Metrology]
      • Light-matter interaction in ordered and disordered photonic media [COLE-Optical Imaging]

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