Prof. Xing Bengang

Refereed Publications

After Joining NTU (Representtive Publications):

Representive Publications:dsd

92. A Metabolic Labeling Way to In situ Fabricate Bacterial FRET Platform for Innate Immune Defence Molecule, Z. Zhang*, Q. Han, J. Lau, Z. Wang, M. Hu, H. Qiu, T. D. Cong, B. G. Xing*. Senors & Actuators: B. Chem. 2022, 350, 130913 [PDF].


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77. Precise Cell Behaviors Manipulations Through Light-Responsive Nano-regulators: Recent Advance and Perspective. D.C.Thang, Z.Wang, X.Lu, B.G.Xing.* Theranostics. 2019, 9, 3308[PDF]

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Intracellular Imaging of Gram-Negative Bacteria
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Before NTU:  

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