Prof. Xing Bengang

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1. Postdoctoral Positions

From Nov. 2020, our lab is opening for 1 ~ 2 post-doc positions in the relevant research fields of Fluorescent imaging, Chemical Biology, NIR light controlled Bioregulation and Nanomedicine. The specific areas we are keen are:

1)       Development of long persistent phosphors molecules or materials, and their light conversion, Bio-sensing, imaging and theranostic applications.

2)      Exosomes, micro-vesicles related biomaterials for bio-sensing, imaging and nanomedicine applications.  

Candidates should be highly independent and have ph. D degree with the solid background and strong publication records in these indicated areas. The highly motivated and independent Ph. D students who are interested in the interdisciplinary research projects are welcome to apply.


For those who are interested in the positions, please send your research plan, CV to the address

2. Ph. D and /or Master Student Positions

Now my lab is opening for application of Master or Ph. D program. All the students who are highly self-motivated and want to try out interesting research in the frontier and interdisciplinary fields of Fluorescent Imaging, Bio-sensing, Chemical Biology, Bioorganic Chemistry, Supermolecule self-assembly, Medicinal chemistry, and Nanomedicine are welcome to apply.


To apply, please send your CV to