Assoc. Prof. Xing Bengang

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1. Postdoctoral Positions

Our labs are opening for post-doc position application in the relevant research fields of Nanomedicine, Fluorescent imaging, and Chemical Biology. Candidates should have ph. D degree with the solid background and strong publication records in the related areas such as Nanomedicine, Fluorescent bio-imaging or Chemical Biology (e.g. synthesis of probe or drug active moleclues, and their biomedical or fluorescence applications etc). Biological chemistry background is not preferred, but will be a great plus. The highly motivated and independent Ph. D students who are interested in the interdisciplinary research projects are welcome to apply.

2. Ph. D and /or Master Student Positions

Now my lab is opening for application of Master or Ph. D program. All the students who are highly self-motivated and want to try out interesting research in the frontier fields of Nanomedicine, Fluorescent imaging, Bio-sensing, Chemical Biology, Bioorganic Chemistry, supermolecule self-assembly, and medicinal chemistry are welcome to apply.


To apply, please send your CV to