Prof. Xing Bengang

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Biomedical Fluorescent Imaging & Chemical Biology Studies In XING's Lab 


Research Interests

Biomedical Fluorescent Imaging; Chemical Biology; Synthetic Bioorganic Chemistry; Pharmaceutical & Food Chemsitry; Nanomedicine and Nano-theranostics


Our research interests will be highly interdisciplinary at the interface of Fluorescent Imaging Chemistry, Nano-medicines, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Food Analysis as well as Chemical Biology. Specific aims of ours are to integrate the knowledge of synthesis chemsitry, chemical biology and optical imaging sensing techniques to design, develop and identify the "smart" small molecules, natural products, drug active peptides and/or their analogues for real-time probing of special bioactive molecules or precisely monitoring the reaction process in living systems. We are also interested in development of new functional nanomaterial hybrids for biosensing, enzyme detection, biocatalysis, drug/gene delivery or potential clinical diagnosis.

(a) Biomedical Fluorescent Imaging / Chemcial Biology / Pharmaceutical Chemistry 

Development of novel and "smart" small molecule imaging probes (including design and preparation of small organic or polypeptide fluorophores, "photocaged or photoactive" systems, fluorescent labeled glycopeptides, nucleotides and/or fluorescent nanoparticles or functional oligo/polymers etc) for specific labeling of diseases related proteins on cell memebrane or inside cellular organelles, real-time imaging of the medical functions of bioactive molecules, screening of drug inhibitors or monitoring of drug reaction processes in living systems.

(b) Nanomedicine / Nano-theranostics 

Development of "smart" - sitimulus - respsonsive peptide or lipid conjugated metallic nanoparticles, semiconductor quantum dots, NIR light-mediated photoactive functional nanomaterials for tumor/bacterial localized sensing, targeted drug/nucleic acids delivery, molecular imaging and precision biomedicine.


                                          Theranostics and Nano-medicine