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XSAT Thermal Control

The thermal control scheme used for XSAT micro-satellite is a passive one. It involves use of coatings, conductive links, heat source and sinks and connectors to achieve thermal behaviour of the XSAT.

The design is such that temperature of various components and subsystems of the micro-satellite shall be maintained within their allowable temperature. In addition, the thermal control materials shall withstand space environment at the point when XSAT is inserted into the space orbit and it shall remain functional for the specified design life of XSAT. The design shall consider meeting the specifications at both worst-hot and worst-cold environmental conditions.

Currently, the thermal analysis of the entire micro-satellite is performed using SINDA/G taking into account specific thermal parameters. In the design and thermal analysis process of the XSAT micro-satellite: There are following definitions:

(a) Design temperatures

(b) Qualification temperatures(used at QM tests)

(c) Acceptance temperatures(used at FM tests)



X-Sat Thermal Modeling