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Telemetry Tracking and Communication (TT&C) System


The TTC subsytem comprises of:

  1.    S-band Receiver

  2.    S-Band Transmitter

  3.    CCSDS Module

  4.    S-Band Patch Antennas

  5.    S-Band Turnstile Antennas

The primary function of the TTC subsystem is to provide the communication link to the ground station under all mission phases.

TTC System Block Diagram


TTC Deck

High Dynamics Receiver Electronics

The TTC RX comprise of 4 modules:

  1.    Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)

  2.    208F Frequency Synthesiser

  3.    10M7 Phase Detector

  4.    Power Supply

The function of the Receiver module is to acquire the residual carrier from the ground station and extract the 16 kHz sub-carrier for the tele-command demodulator inside the CCSDS Processor.


TTC Receiver


Telecommand Sub-Carrier

TTC Transmitter Electronics

The TTC S-band transmitter comprise of 5 sub-modules:

  1.       PLL frequency synthesizer

  2.       RF modulator

  3.       Driver amplifier

  4.       High frequency power amplifier (HPA)

  5.       Power

The function of the TTC Transmitter is to receive the Root Raised Cosine telemetry baseband modulation from the CCSDS processor, direct up convert and amplify the output to over 2W for transmission to the ground station.


TTC Transmitter


The TTC S-band Antenna module comprises of the following sub-modules:

  1.    Nadir Turnstile Antennas (2 RX + 2 TX)

  2.    Zenith Patch Antennas (2 RX + 2 TX)

  3.    Coupler (1 RX + 1 TX)

The function of the antenna module is to provide the omni directional antenna coverage with a minimum gain of -10 dBi to support communication with the satellite under all operating modes.

Special S-Band Antenna Hats with Small Cross Section and Short Length


TTC Antenna Element

CCSDS Processor

The CCSDS Processor module comprise of:

  1.    FPGA (APA750)

  2.    Demodulator (BPF and ADC)

  3.    DAC circuit (R/2R Network)

  4.    RS422 interface circuitry

  5.    CCSDS-CAN Interface

The function of the CCSDS module are:
  1.    Demodulate Uplink Telecommand

  2.    Modulate Downlink Telemetry

  3.    Process the CCSDS Protocol Stack


CCSDS Processor (Telecommand Decoder and Protocol Handler)