1. "Toward Efficient Sunlight Harvesting," Supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Singapore via the Competitive Research Program (CRP), S$10,000,000. PI: Yang Zhao. Co-PIs: Junling Wang, Howe Siang Tan, Andrew Grimsdale, Can Xue, Tze Chien Sum, and Handong Sun.

Media reports on the 2010 award (including those from USA Today and Business Times)

2. "Ultrafast Relaxation of Photo-Excited States," Supported by Ministry of Education (MOE) AcRF Tier2, S$634,000. PI: Yang Zhao.

3. "Synthesis of Inverse Opal Nanophotonic Crystals and Nanophosphors Composites for Solar Cell Applications," Supported by Ministry of Education (MOE) AcRF Tier 2, S$590,000. PI: Alfred Tok; Collaborators: Yang Zhao et al.


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