1. August 1-5, 2023, Split, Croatia.


    • Yoshitaka Tanimura
    • Konstantin Dorfman
    • Maxim Gelin
    • Raffaele Borrelli
    • Yang Zhao
    • Marin Sapunar
    • Tomislav Pitesa
    • Tomislav Rozic
    • Ivor Loncaric
    • Jovan Odavic

    Schedule of August 2, 2023

    Time Session
    9:00am Opening
    9:00-10:45am Session 1: Y. Tanimura, M. Gelin, M. Sapunar
    10:45-11:20am Coffee Break
    11:30-12:30pm Session 2: R. Borrelli, T. Pitesa
    12:30-2:00pm Lunch Break
    2:00-3:45pm Session 3: Y. Zhao, K. Dorfman, I. Loncaric
    3:45-4:20pm Coffee Break
    4:20-5:30pm Session 4: T. Rozic, J. Odavic
    5:30-6:00pm Closing

    Workshop Organizers

    • Antonio Prlj (Rudjer Boskovic Institure, Zagreb)
    • Nadja Doslic (Rudjer Boskovic Institure, Zagreb)
    • Yang Zhao (NTU, Singapore)

    Hiking Site

    The workshop will be held at the beautiful seafront city of Split. During the workshop the hiking trip to Mount Sinjal, the highest peak of Croatia, will be arranged. We encourage attendees to take advantage of the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the surrounding area during their stay.


    We are grateful to the Croatian Science Foundation for sponsorship.


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