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A list of news of members and research publications/awards from the group:

  • Welcome to Xiao Xingchi who recently joined our group to do a PhD on perovskite materials.
  • Congratulations to Hu Hongwei for successfully defending his PhD thesis

Job Openings

August 2019

Currently, there are two openings available to conduct research on triplet fission materials and their impact on charge generation - 1 PhD Studentship and 1 Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

If you have a background in materials chemistry or physics and have some experience in perovskite materials research, please send your application directly to Some materials simulation/modelling and/or machine learning background will be an advantage. Do note that for PhD studentship, you will have to fulfill all the NTU PhD student admission requirements which can be found on the NTU website. We are looking for candidates who are enthusiastic and keen to conduct high impact, focused research. Candidates should have a good track record in research.


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