Virtual Reality on the Multi-Touch Table
Get absorbed into the new installation at our centre. Share documents, discussion plans and have a fun time with the new navigation platform where 3D comes alive at your finger tips.

VR on mobile devices
Our in-house software supports 3D on mobile devices such as iTouch, iPhone, tablets etc.

Peranakan Shophouse
The project aims to create an interactive environment for visitors to experience digital heritage.

Virtual KPE
A collaboration with the School of Civil Engineering and the Land Transport Authority of Singapore to pre-study motorists' reactions under simulated traffic conditions before the tunnel's completion by 2008.

Nanotech Zoo

Virtual Reality Theatre
Immersive visualisation solutions at the NTU Reality Theatre feature 3 high resolution CRT projectors and a 2.66m high, 150 degree cylindrical screen.

Nicoll Highway
Using a highly interactive in-house visualisation system, this 3D scene was presented to the public during the opening of the Nicholl Highway hearing on 2nd August 2004 for the first time.

Virtual DNA
Creating new learning environments in the field of life sicences by integrating scientific knowledge, information technology and innovative pedagogies.

Anatomical Education
With the use of computer-based models, doctors can interact through new human-machine interfaces to explore and better understand the human anatomy.

Virtual Fish Tank
Dive into the virtual aquarium to explore and experience underwater biological phenomenon in game-like scenarios.

Virtual Factory
The visualisation of simulated manufacturing results for easier decision management in the electronic assembly.

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