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 Date Topics
3 Oct 07 Feature Selection in Sensor Environment using a Neural Framework, Prof. Nikhil R. Pal, Indian Statistical Institute, India
 1-2 Oct 2007  2nd IAPR Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics (PRIB 2007)
27 Sep 07 Genesis Machines: Synthetic Biology and the Engineering of Life, Dr Martyn Amos, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
20 Aug 2006
May - 8 Jul 06
18 May 2006 Solvent Accessibility Prediction in Proteins, Dr Shandar Ahmad, Jamia Millia Islamia University
16 Jun 2005
Computational Analysis Of Proteomics Data Workshop chaired by A/P Jagath C. Rajapakse, SCE, BioInformatics Research Centre(BIRC), Nanyang Technological University,Singapore.
Joint Workshop by Dr Chung Ching Ming, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, National University of Singapore, Dr Derek Smith, Senior Post-Doctoral Researcher, Bioinformatics Institute, Singapore, Dr See-Kiong Ng, Acting Manager of the Knowledge Discovery Department, Institute of Infocomm Research, Singapore, Dr. Prasanna Kolatkar, Group Leader, Genomic Institute of Singapore, Dr Jaume Torres, School of Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 
13 May 2005
The dao of TAO: Starting-up and falling down by Dr Wayne Mitchell, Senior Scientist Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS)
26 Apr 2005
A Dynamic Biochemical Network Analysis and Gene Regulation Network Analysis for in vivo biological systems by Dr Masa Tsuchiya, Ph.D, Senior Scientist Bioinformatics Institute Singapore (BII)
25 Apr 2005
Systems Biology Approaches for Faster and More Accurate Identification of Primary Targets in Cancer/Stem Cell Research by Dr Henry Yang Research Scientist and Team Leader, Systems Biology Bioinformatics Institute Singapore (BII)
8 Apr 2005
Dynamic Biochemical Network Analysis for the Discovery of Disease Biomarkers by Dr Kumar Selvarajoo, Project Leader, Systems Biology Bioinformatics Institute Singapore (BII)
18 Feb 2005
Joint Workshop on Bioinformatics and NLP by Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST); BioInformatics Research Centre (BIRC); and Institute of Infocomm Research (I2R)
17 Jan 2005
The SIGStructure is a 1-day special interest group meeting with the 2005 Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Conference. The meeting will focus on Structural Bio-informatics. SIGStructure aims to provide an opportunity for people to exchange their research work in the important and fast growing field of 3D Bio-informatics. The meeting is designed for those researchers (biologists, athematicians, geometricians, computer scientists and engineers) who are interested in 3D Structural Biology.
15 Jan 2005
The Student Symposium is a special event of the APBC 2005. The Student Symposium provides an opportunity for graduate students to exchange their research interests, to discuss about their future careers, and to promote the Bioinformatics research in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.
28 Nov 2003
Neurocomputing for Bioinformatics by Prof Nikola Kasabov (Ph.D), Knowledge Engineering and Discovery Research Institute (KEDRI), Auckland University of Technology
28 Aug 2003
SMA2 Bioimaging Programme by Prof Paul Matsudaira, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
4 Nov 2003

Diagnosis of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Optimization of Risk-Benefit Ratio of Therapy by Prof. Wong Lim Soon, Deputy Executive Director (Research), Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R)

8 Aug 2003
Revolutionising the way scientist access life science information by Dr Frank Staubli,
LION Bioscience AG, Germany
30 Jul 2003
Genetic mapping in human complex diseases by Dr Liu Janjun, Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS)
25 Jun 2003
Parsing a bacterial genome by Dr Mark Craven, University of Wisconsin, USA
8 Mar 2003
Recent advances in bioinformatics and computational biology by A/P Jagath C. Rajapakse, BIRC; A/P Lim Soon Wong, Institute for Infocomm Research; Mr. Elia Stupka, Fugu Informatics, IMCB; Mr. Amey V.Laud, HeliXense; Dr. Kuo Bin Li, BioInformatics Institute, Singapore
20 May 2004
gRNA Workshop - Genvea Biosciences Continued Training Workshop on Genomics Research Network Architecture application software
12 Dec 2003
Genes, Proteins, Expressions and Interactions by Dr Jaroslaw Meller & Dr Michael Wagner, Cincinnati University Hospital, USA
1-5 Dec 2003
SC & MPI training on Alpha server SC system by Dr. Niraj Srivastava PH.D, HPC Expertise Centre
9-11 Jul 2002
Alpha server SC system administration by James Alliss, Hewlett Packard Corporation, Australia
4-6 Jun 2002
Application programming and optimization on Alpha server SC system by Dr. Niraj Srivastava, HPC Expertise Centre, Compaq Computer Ltd., MA, USA
26 Mar 2002
Beowulf cluster & Myrinet by Mr. Stephan Pang, Compaq Computer Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Visitors Archive
Date Visitors
16 Nov 2006
Prof. Nick Voigt, Director of the iXL Center for E-commerce; and Dr. Hal Irvin, Executive Director, Division of Professional Practice; Georgia Institure of Technology, USA

30 Aug 2006 -
1 Sep 2006

Prof. Sun-Yuan Kung, Princeton University , USA
28 Aug 2006
Dr. Amir Raz, Columbia University, USA
11 Aug 2006
Delegates from Shanghai Supercomputer Center, China
17-18 May 2006
Dr Shandar Ahmad, Jamia Millia Islamia University, India
21 April 2006
Prof. Kerson Huang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
14 April 2006
Prof. Sham Navathe, College of Computing, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia
9-21 April 2006
Prof. Wang Wei, Department of Computing and Information Technology, Fudan University China, China
9 Dec 2005

Delegates from Vietnam National University, Vietnam:
1. Dr. Nguyen Canh Hoang, Vice Dean, Faculty of Information Technology
2. Dr. Dinh Manh Tuong, Head, Department of Computer Sciences
3. Dr. Nguyen Tue, Head, Department of Information Systems
4. Dr. Do Duc Giao, Head, Department of Applied Mathematics in Information Technology

5 Oct 2005
Dr. Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin; Dr. Paul Brey, Institut Pasteur, France
30 Sep 2005
Mr. Winston Prather, Hewlett-Packard, USA
17 Aug 2005 -
18 Aug 2005
Prof Roy E. Welsch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
9 May 2005
Mr. Lionel Binns, Manager, Life Science Program Office, High Performance Computing, Hewlett-Packard, USA
5 Apr 2005
Mr Richard H. (Dick) Lampman, Senior Vice President, Research, HP Director, HP Labs;
Mr. Chris Hsiung, HP Lab UR Manager, Hewlett-Packard, USA
28 Mar 2005
Staff of Hong Kong Science Park , Hong Kong
18 Feb 2005

Prof Jong Park and students, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

16 Feb 2005
Dr. Roger Louis Hagengruber, Director of the Institute for Public Policy, University of New Mexico, New Mexico
27 Jan 2005
Dr Kim Young Chai (Dean) and students, College of Life Science, Kyunghee University , Korea
13 Jan 2005
Prof Garland Marshall, Washington University, USA
12 Jan 2005

Prof. Pradipta Banerji, Dean of International Affairs, Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, India

10 Jan 2005
Prof Ashok Misra, Director, Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay,India
23 Nov 2004
Dr. Leong Mun Kew, Media Division - Media Semantics, A*STAR, Singapore

22 Oct 2004

Dr. Feytmans, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Switzerland
22 Jul 2004
Dr Qiang Yang, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong
03 May 2004
Researchers Encompass Ventures, USA
17 Dec 2003
Dr Christian Laugier & Dr Thierry Fraichard, INRIA Rhone - Alpes, France
27 Oct 2003
Dr Perry Haaland Becton Dickinson ,USA and Dr Mohan Ravuru Becton Dickinson, Singapore
25 Oct 2003
Prof Huey & Prof P.C. Cheng, National Unversity of Singapore, Singapore
18 Aug 2003
BIRC Advisory Committee: Prof Leo Tan, Dr. Gunaretnam Rajagopal, Dr. Santosh Mishra
and Dr. Ted Chin
14 Aug 2003
Staff of National Institute of Education, Singapore
14 Sep 2002
Researchers of National Cancer Centre, Singapore