Academia Sinica, Beijing
University of Macau

Fluid phenomena involved with multiple fluids like the milk poured in coffee, ink diffusing in water etc are common in daily lives. The simulation to the phenomena of the mixture and interactive process among the fluids is highly comprehensive, and demands intensive computation. In particular, few works have been devoted to the investigation among various liquid fluids at present.

The talk will start from an introduction to the physical principle and algorithms of the phenomena. There are two categories of fluids, gases and liquids, and the behavior and features for both categories will be compared and analyzed in terms of computation overhead and rendering. However, with the application popularity and the technical challenge in concern, the investigation to the latter category on the multiple liquids, in particular the miscible interaction among fluids will be the main focus. Various techniques are employed to handle the miscible and immiscible interactions and special treatments are introduced to handle flows involving multiple fluids and different kinds of interactions at the same time. Among from others, solutions by Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM), an approach based on volume fractions (VOF) will be introduced for simulating miscible two-fluids or multiple fluids interactions. The solutions will take advantages to handle miscible and immiscible flows in a unified manner, and special treatments will be adopted to handle the interactions involving multiple fluids with different properties. All the methods and the consequence generated by the methods will be demonstrated by the testing result in images and videos.