Academia Sinica, Beijing
University of Macau

Prof. Enhua Wu completed his BSc study in Tsinghua University, and received his PhD degree from Department of Computer Science, University of Manchester, UK in 1984. He has been working at the State Key Lab. of Computer Science, Institute of Software (IOS), Chinese Academy of Sciences, since 1985, as a director of the Research Dept of Fundamental Theory and Advanced Technology, IOS until 2001. He has been also invited as a full professor of University of Macau (UM) since 1997, and now the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology in UM. In recent years, he has been invited as a Chair/Co-Chair or Keynote speaker at various conferences such as CGI2010, ACM VRST2010, CASA2011, ACM VRCAI2008-2011, IWAIT2012. He is an Associate Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Computer Science and Technology and the editorial board member of TVC, CAVW, IJIG, IJVR and IJSI.