Wu Hongjun

Associate Professor
Division of Mathematical Sciences Tel: +65 6513 7192
School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences                 Email: wuhj@ntu.edu.sg
Nanyang Technological University Office:     SPMS-MAS-05-47
Address:     SPMS-MAS-05-47, 21 Nanyang Link, Singapore 637371


       2005 - 2008       Doctor of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
       1998 - 2000       Master of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore
       1994 - 1998       Bachelor of Engineering (1st Class Honours), Department of Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore

Work Experience

       2010 - present     Nanyang Technological University
       2008 - 2010     Institute for Infocomm Research
       1999 - 2005     Institute for Infocomm Research


       Research interests: Cryptography, Computer Security
        Computer Security Advisories
        TinyJAMBU: A Family of Lightweight Authenticated Encryption Algorithms
        CAESAR Competition Submissions (2014 - 2018)
        Password Hashing Competition Submission (2014 - 2015)
       Hash Function JH
       Stream Ciphers HC-128 and HC-256
       Microsoft Office Encryption Flaw

Research Team

       Peng Lunan Master student on computer security
       Yu Haiwan PhD student on computer security
       Former PhD students: Huang Tao, Ivan Tjuawinata, Wang Chenyu, Wang Jing
       Former team members: Tao Biaoshuai, Wei Lei, Yosua Michael Maranatha


       MAS433/MH4311 Cryptography 2010/2011S1, 2011/2012S1, 2012/2013S1, 2013/2014S1, 2014/2015S1,
2015/2016S1, 2016/2017S1, 2017/2018S1, 2018/2019S1, 2019/2020S1,
2020/2021S1, 2021/2022S1
       MAS434 Computer Security   2010/2011S2, 2011/2012S2, 2012/2013S2
       MH1402 C++   2013/2014S2, 2014/2015S2, 2015/2016S2, 2016/2017S2
       MH1402/MH1403 Data Structures and Algorithms   2018/2019S2, 2019/2020S2, 2020/2021S2, 2021/2022S2
       MH2800 Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus   2017/2018S2


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