POMELO: A submission to Password Hashing Competition (2014 -- 2015)

POMELO was submitted to the PHC competition in April 2014. POMELO was selected as a finalist of the PHC competition in December 2014. POMELO is very strong against the time-memory-tradeoff attack, and it is very efficient: on the Intel i7-4770K processor, it takes 1.1 second to hash a password when 1GB memory is used.

The original submission to PHC: PDF   C Code   Java Code (written by Axel von dem Bruch)

The finalist submission to PHC: PDF   C Codes (x64, SSE2 and AVX2)   Java Code (written by Axel von dem Bruch)

The latest document (13.04.2015): PDF
In this document, more security analysis are given. POMOLPO-KDF is also introduced, it derives a key with arbitrary length from a password and salt by iterating POMELO. Some typos in the previous version also get fixed.

POMELO-KDF: C Code   testvectors   Java Code (written by Axel von dem Bruch)

Acknowledgements: I would like to thank Alexander Peslyak (Solar Designer) for providing constructive suggestions which are useful for developing POMELO version 2; I would also like to thank Axel von dem Bruch for implementing POMELO and POMELO-KDF in Java.