NIST Lightweight Cryptography Competition (2019 -- 2022)

NIST Lightweight Cryptography Competition is a competition on Authenticated Encryption Algorithms. The competition will finish in 2022.

TinyJAMBU is a submission to the NIST Lightweight Cryptography Competition. It was selected as a finalist of the competition in 2021.

Document: PDF

Software: C Codes and Test Vectors

Hardware: VHDL Codes
On ASIC 180nm UMC Technology, when an embedded 128-bit key is used, TinyJAMBU-128 can be implemented with 1610 GE (Gate Equivalent) without API, and 3223 GE with API. When a flexible 128-bit key is used, TinyJAMBU-128 can implemented with 2708 GE without API, and 4352 GE with API.

The hardware area of TinyJAMBU is much smaller than all the other candidates in the competition.