PAP493 / PH4407- Industrial Internship II (10 AU)

I have developed the Physics Division’s internship program from its inception in 2007 with the support of the University Career & Attachment Office (CAO) and, have been coordinating the program implementation (mentoring and assessment). I personally visited almost every intern organisation for work assessment discussion with their intern supervisors (except overseas intern organisation). The site visit is to understand the internship training progress of the student performance

Organisations that have offered internship training for our Physics student include microelectronics investment bank, research institution, microelectronic company, hospital, specialist medical centre, manufacturing plant, defence organisation, etc. As more physics student opt for the 22-week internship program three faculty staff have joined the internship program to take up the supervision load.

Assessment of industrial internship :

50% - Internship work assessment (assesed by intern supervisor)

25% - Internship report

25% - Internship oral presentation


Example of Internship Report and Presentation Slide:

1. Example internship report 1

2. Example internship report 2

3. Example internship report 3

4. Example internship report 4