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Publications in Nanyang Technological University
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41. Qionghai Chen, Xiuyang Xia, Wanhui Huang, Liqun Zhang, Ran Ni* and Jun Liu, Topological programmability of isomerizable polymers, submitted (2023)
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1. Bo Li, Feng Wang, Di Zhou, Yi Peng, Ran Ni, and Yilong Han; Modes of surface premelting in colloidal crystals composed of attractive particles, Nature, 531, 485 (2016) [Highlighted in Nature Physics]

Publications before Nanyang Technological University
22. Ran Ni*, J. Mieke Kleijn, Sanne Abeln, Martien A. Cohen Stuart, and Peter G. Bolhuis, The competition between surface adsorption and folding of fibril-forming polypeptides, Phys. Rev. E, 91, 022711 (2015) arXiv
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1. Wu Xue, Minghe Yang and Ran Ni, An Optimal Design of Linear Lamp-House; Chinese Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 20, 19 (2003) (In Chinese)
* Corresponding authors.
# Equal contribution.
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