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This group is constantly hiring PhD student in an annually basis, and young researchers/faculty members with PhD degrees are also welcome to join as research/visiting fellows, for short term or long term collaborations !

If you want to become a member here, please feel free to send me an email !

Current PhD Students

Research Staffs and Visiting Faculties

ž Dr.  J i e   H a o


PhD from UCAS, China


Alumni and Former Members



ž Z h i m i n g   H u      

(2012 — 2016)

ž Y a n b i n g   Y a n g

(2014 — )

ž J i m   C h e r i a n

(2014 — )  co-supverised by Dr. Shen Shyang Ho

ž J i n   W a n g 

(2014 — )  co-supervised by Dr.  Ying He

ž Y e w e n   X i

(2014 — )

ž L e   T i e n   H u n g

(2013 — )  co-supervised with Dr.  Ying He



ž Dr. Feng  Li

Assistant Professor, SDU, China

December 2014:  “Designing Localized Algorithms for Large-Scale Sensor Networks: A Geometric Perspective”

ž Dr. Liu  Xiang

Scientist of the Smart Grid Programme at Institute for Infocomm Research. Singapore

May 2013:  “Supporting Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks: From Energy Conserving to Perpetual Living”

ž Dr.  Kai  Han

PhD from USTC, China
Full professor in
USTC, China

ž Dr. Menglan  Hu

PhD from NUS, Singapore
Associate Professor in
HUST, China

ž Dr. Yan  Qiao

PhD from BUPT, China
Associate Professor in AAU, China

ž Dr. Kalyan P. Subbu

PhD from UNT, USA
Assistant Professor in
Amrita University, India

ž Mr. Hao  Chen

Interm PhD student from NUST, China

ž Mr. Zicheng  Chi

Lecturer in KMUST, Kunming, China

ž Mr. Tianyu Xiang

May 2014: “Long Term Utilization of Wireless Sensor Networks”

ž Mr. Kalan Navaratine

Software Engineer in SMART, Singapore

ž Mr. Liang  Zhu

Software Engineer in Greenwave Sys., Singapore

March 2013:  “Ambient Magnetic Field Based Indoor Localization”

ž Mr. Xuan Chen

Software Engineer in Continental Automotive Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore

January 2013:  “New Applications for Wireless Sensor Networks”









ž Dr. Zhang Chi

Facebook, Singapore

May 2015: Towards A Large Scale Indoor Localization Service with Crowdsensing Indoor Map Generation