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Current Projects


 VIBSens: Visible Light Building Sentience for Lightweight & Efficient
(AcRF Tier-2: June 2017 May 2020)
PI, collaborating with Sinno Jialin Pan

 NRF-ERI@N Smart Multi-Energy Systems Program
National Research Foundation: March 16 March 2021)
PI, participating in WP4-Sensors and Control Systems for Demand Management

 BMW-NTU Future Mobility Car-based Mobile Crowd Sensing
BMW Asia: August 2013 July 2017 )
Co-PI, collaborating with Shen-Shyang Ho (PI)

 Powering Large-Scale Mobile Crowdsensing through Incentives
AcRF Tier-1: November 2013 April 2017)
PI, collaborating with Ernie Teo



Completed Projects


 TUM-CREATE Center for Electromobility
National Research Foundation: April 11 March 2016)
Co-PI, participating in RP3-Embedded Systems

 Duty-Cycle-Aware Data Transmission Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks
National Natural Science Foundation of China: January 2012 December 2014)
Co-PI, collaboration with Kai Han (PI) and Yang Liu

 StereoNet: Theory to Practice in A Geometric Approach to 3D Wireless Networks
AcRF Tier-2: October 2011 October 2014)
PI, collaborating with Ying He

 IoT Underground: A Comprehensive Low-Cost and Flexible Intelligent Infrastructure of Subterranean Facilities
NTU-CoE Seed Grant: November 2012 March 2013)
PI, collaborating with Yaowen Yang

 Peer Assisted Video-on-Demand with Bandwidth and Coding Awareness
AcRF Tier-1: March 2010 July 2013 )
PI, collaborating with Weisi Lin

 Resource Allocation in Multihop Wireless Networks
SUG: January 2009 December 2012)
PI, collaborating with Catherine Rosenberg


 MAC and Routing for Multihop Mesh Wireless Networks (October 2006 October 2008)
Collaborating Investigator with Catherine Rosenberg, supported by Bell Canada

 Internet Congestion Control with Dynamic Flows (October 2006 October 2007)
Collaborating Investigator with Ravi R. Mazumdar, supported by Bell Canada

 Mobile Information & Communication Systems (MICS, January 2002 Present)
supported by Swiss National Center of Competence of Research (NCCR)

 Group Communications in Ad Hoc Networks (GComm)
Collaborating Investigator with Jean-Pierre Hubaux and Patrick Eugster

 Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Elements (SenseMob)
Collaborating Investigator with Jean-Pierre Hubaux, Matthias Grossglauser, Jacques Panchard,
and Michal Piorkowski

 Inter-Vehicle Communications (IVC)
Collaborating Investigator with Jean-Pierre Hubaux and Srdjan Capkun

 Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor and Actuator networks Laboratory (WASAL)
Collaborating Investigator with Jean-Pierre Hubaux, Matthias Grossglauser, Jacques Panchard,
and Michal Piorkowski

 Mobile Information System
Collaborating Investigator with Patrick Eugster, Benot Garbinato, and Adrian Holzer

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