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Ě CE3005/CZ3006: Computer Networks

 A course for senior undergraduate students

 A bottom-up approach to reveal the Internet from protocol perspective

 A bridge from university education to a future career

 An intention of inspiring interests rather than conveying lengthy details

 Practicing ôThink in Computingö for understanding networking protocols



Ě CE 7426: Convex Optimization

 An advanced course for PhD students

 Grasp the essence of convex optimization theories rather than surfing through the broad area under this topic

 Develop skills to formulate engineering objectives into tractable optimization problems

 Understand the mainstream optimization methods and be able to apply them to solving targeted problems

 Inspire interests in further investigating the application of optimization techniques in respective research areas.



Ě CSC 101: Introduction to Computer Systems (2008 to 2010)

 A course for fresh undergraduate students

 The most rudimentary course for CS students

 A bridge from pre-university education to university studies

 An intention of inspiring interests rather than conveying detailed know-how

 A starting point of the way towards ôThink in Computingö