Makino Laboratory


2023 Oct: Our paper "Emergence of cortical network motifs for short-term memory during learning" led by a graduate student XIn Wei Chia is published in Nature Communications.

2023 Sep: Suhaimi successfully defended his thesis!

2022 Dec: Our paper "Arithmetic value representation for hierarchical behavior composition" is published in Nature Neuroscience.

2022 Jun: Our paper "Representation learning in the artificial and biological neural networks underlying sensorimotor integration" is published in Science Advances.

2019 Apr: Hiroshi attended the neuropixels course at UCL. The organisers (Matteo and Nick) and teaching assistants were wonderful and the technology is amazing! Now we can record everywhere in the brain!

2019 Apr: Takuma joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow!

2018 Dec: Franklin joined the lab as an undergraduate student!

2018 Oct: Kevin joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow with Tashiro lab!

2018 Sep: Amos joined the lab as a research assistant!

2018 Aug: Kun Wei joined the lab as a research assistant!

2018 Aug: A new article titled "Top-down control: A unified principle of cortical learning" was accepted in Neuroscience Research.

2018 Jul: Hiroshi attended the 41st Japan Neuroscience Society annual meeting and received the Young Investigator Award.

2018 Jul: Suhaimi joined the lab as a PhD student!

2018 May: Wan Lin left for a PhD. Good luck with her future!

2018 Mar: Serene was selected as a winner of the 2018 URECA poster exhibition and competition. Congratulations!

2018 Feb: Celebrating Chinese New Year with our neighbour lab!

2018 Feb: Devina joined the lab as a research assistant!

2018 Jan: Thanks to George, the Ministry of Education Academic Research Fund Tier 3 grant proposal was funded.

2017 Dec: Hiroshi visited Thorlabs and Janelia Research Campus in the US.

2017 Jun: Welcoming Xin Wei the first undergraduate student in the lab!

2017 May: A new article titled "Transformation of Cortex-wide Emergent Properties during Motor Learning" was published in Neuron.

2017 May: Hiroshi attended Francis Crick Symposium at Cold Spring Harbor Asia in Suzhou, China.

2017 Feb: Glenn from National University of Singapore joined the lab as a research assistant!

2016 Nov: A new article titled "Circuit Mechanisms of Sensorimotor Learning" was published in Neuron.

2016 Oct: Makino lab started at Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.