20 Mar 2018 - Announcement

Dear Valued Supplier,

NTU is pleased to announce a new initiative to implement an integrated and holistic end-to-end procurement to payment (P2P) system, from sourcing to invoicing.  This is also in response to the Singapore Government's Internet Separation Policy where NTU will eventually move away from the government's e-procurement portal GeBiz. 

As such we will be launching our very own "Ariba P2P" targeting to go 'live' on 2 April 2018. As a valued supplier of NTU, we encourage you to sign up <>  for a free Ariba Network Light Account  to continue to participate in NTU's business opportunities, which will be published on Ariba.  

Once you have signed up for the Ariba Network Light Account, you will be able to:

  • View, request to participate and submit online bid for sourcing events
  • Receive real-time Purchase Orders via email and/or Ariba P2P Supplier Inbox
  • Generate and send e-invoices for quicker processing
  • Receive and sign contract document via email

Coming on board with us on the Ariba Network, you will enjoy cost savings in administrative business expenses and a hassle-free experience in participating in NTU's business opportunities.

Click here for the materials to learn more about NTU's new end-to-end procurement system, Light Account registration, Customer Support and FAQs.


For more information on Ariba, please visit  If you have any business related queries, please feel free to contact