With effect from 9 September 2019, the new operating hours of the Front Desk at the NTU Shared Services (NSS) are:
Monday - Thursday
2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Kindly contact relevant staff before heading to NTU Shared Services office

  1. ​Procure to Pay Cycle
    Before supplier creates e-invoice, ensure that the invoice quantity against the Purchase Order is correct and Goods Receipt is performed by the Customer.
  2. Suppliers submitting e-invoice in Ariba
    • E-invoices will take precedence over the attached invoices that vendor has manually attached.
    • E-invoices will be used as the source of truth for payment.

  3. REMIT-TO and Supplier information
    • The REMIT-TO and Supplier information in Supplier Ariba Network should be the same on e-Invoice.
    • Supplier should notify NTU (email: nssvendor@ntu.edu.sg) should there be any change in remit-to/ bank details.
    • Payment is made to supplier based on the maintained data ​​in NTU SAP Vendor Master.
    • Supplier is to ensure Ariba REMIT-TO information is aligned to NTU SAP Vendor Master.

      ​Click here (REMIT-TO and supplier information)

  4. Creating e-invoice
    When creating e-invoice, do not check on the “Information Only. No action is required from the customer”.
    Click here  (Additional Fields)​​

  5. Goods Receipt Notification
    Turn on notification for Goods Receipt performed by Customer. You will be notified via email once Customer has done Goods Receipt.
    Click here (GR)

  6. Bank Charges
    With immediate effect, Suppliers and NTU should bear their respective bank charges that are charged by their banks.

  7. Bank Details Update for Suppliers
    For bank details update of supplier in NTU Vendor Master, suppliers should notify NTU (email: nssvendor@ntu.edu.sg) and provide following supporting ​​document to ​​NTU :
    • GIRO Form Click h​ere or 
    • ACRA Business Profile and Bank Statement​

  8. GST feature Setup
    Please take note that the AN account legal profile for GST setup is required regardless if you are a Singapore GST registered supplier.  The reason for this requirement is as follows:
    • If you are Singapore GST registered, you are required  to issue a 'Tax Invoice' when invoicing against NTU purchase orders for taxable supplies.
    • If you are Singapore GST registered, you are required  to issue a 'Standard Invoice' when invoicing against NTU purchase orders for non-taxable supplies.
    • If you are not Singapore GST registered, you are required to issue a 'Standard Invoice' when invoicing against NTU purchase orders.

    Please also be informed that e-invoices received with effect from 22 Apr 2019 that do not comply to the required invoice statuses will be rejected by NTU due to non-compliance to IRAS GST regulations.​

    Click here for GST feature setup

  9. Purchase Order (PO) Confirmation
    NTU will be disabling the functionality for PO confirmation.  Suppliers are not required to perform PO confirmation as this functionality has some negative​ impact to NTU process;​
    • unable to perform any variation to the PO price, description and supplier address
    • unable to retrigger the system to resend PO if supplier has lost its initial PO