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Organisation Supervisorís Registration


Organisation Supervisorís Registration

1. Organisational Information:
You can only register as an organisation supervisor if

  • your organisation name is in the registered list and
  • either you or someone from your organisationís Human Resouce or Training Department had registered as an Organisation Co-ordinator for the specific attachment type required.

Organisation Name :
Attachment Type Professional Internship (PI) [formerly Industrial Attachment (IA)] for Engineering Students  
Professional Attachment for Accountancy and Business Students and Professional Attachment (PA) for Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) students  
Professional Internship for Communication Studies Students  
Industrial Immersion for Maritime Studies Students  
Internship for Physical & Mathematical Sciences and Biological Science students  
Internship for Art, Design & Media Students  
Internship for Sport Science & Management  

2. Supervisorís Information :
Salutation Dr Mr Ms Mrs
Family Name / Surname
Given Name
Full Name Format: Family Name / Surname followed by Given Name (eg. Lim Joanne)
Given Name followed by Family Name / Surname (eg. Joanne Lim)
Office Tel
Office Tel 2 ( optional )
Handphone No. ( optional )
Fax No.
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