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Organisation Co-ordinatorís Registration


Organisation Co-ordinatorís Registration

1. Organisational Information:
Organisation Name :
Address :
Postal Code : Note: Please use 6 digit postal codes for Singapore address.
Country :
Website URL :
Business Activities :
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Industry :
Ownership :
Organisation Size :
Attachment Type Please click on this link to create New Organisation Co-ordinatorís Registration for Industrial Immersion for Maritime Studies Students and Internship for Art, Design & Media Students.

Professional Internship (PI) [formerly Industrial Attachment (IA)] for Engineering Students  
Professional Attachment for Accountancy and Business Students and Professional Attachment (PA) for Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) students
Professional Internship for Communication Studies Students
Internship for Physical & Mathematical Sciences and Biological Science students
Internship for Sport Science & Management

  Note : Each organisation can only have one co-ordinator per attachment type. For example, if your colleague has registered himself/herself as an IA co-ordinator previously, you will not be able to register yourself as an IA co-ordinator. However, you can register yourself as a PA or PI co-ordinator.

2. Co-ordinatorís Information :
Salutation Dr Mr Ms Mrs
Family Name / Surname
Given Name
Full Name Format: Family Name / Surname followed by Given Name (eg. Lim Joanne)
Given Name followed by Family Name / Surname (eg. Joanne Lim)
Office Tel
Office Tel 2 ( optional )
Handphone No. ( optional )
Fax No.
Email **
NOTE: Please ensure that you have entered a valid and unique company email address. Your login ID will be fixed as this email address. All online correspondences from our system will be delivered to this address.

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