Non-Destructive Testing Lab



June 2017

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March 2017

Welcome Dr. Maria Felice, Dr Mohammad Omar Khyam to join the group.

Welcome to NDT research group at NTU, Singapore

Welcome to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) research group at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore, leading by Dr. David Fan. The research motivation of the group is to solve inspection and monitoring problems in industry, achieved by conducting thorough scientific research. NDT is practical and most of the techniques are well established. However it is important to understand the physics behind the techniques, in order to keep improving existing NDT methods and developing new technology, and this needs to be done by carrying out fundamental research.

The research focus of the group is to develop novel NDT/SHM techniques by integrating physics and modeling techniques with the development of rapidly exploitable technologies. The group works closely with varies of industries including Marine, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, etc for different research and consultancy projects.

Industrial Collaborators: