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  • 2018.10.27 - We have a Group BBQ to bid farewell to Shengnan and greet new members. Good luck and best wishes to Dr. Sun Shengnan!
  • 2018.7.31 - Shengnan is awarded MSE Doctorate Research Excellence Award 2018. Congrats!
  • 2018.7.9 - Our research on automobile catalysts has been highlighted in 4th CleanEnviro Summit Singapore Innovation Pavilion. Welcome to our booth at Marina Bay Sand Expo Centre.
  • 2017.07 - Chao is awarded with Research Excellence Award for the MSE Postgraduate Awards 2017. Congrats!
  • ECS Singapore Section is established. The 1st Singapore ECS international Symposium on Energy Materials will be held on Dec 6th - 9th, 2017 in Singapore. See the symposium website for details.
  • 2017.04.10 - Prof. Gregory Jerkiewicz (Queen's University, Canada) visited us.
  • 2017.03.05 - Chao's work about OER and ORR on transition spinel oxides is published on Adv. Mater.