Hong Xu












2009 Present: Object and face perception, Motion perception (e.g. self motion and navigation), Psychophysics and computational modeling, Visual adaptation, Visual auditory interaction, Memory and learning, Electrophysiology, EEG, Division of Psychology, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


2007 2009: Study human visual perception by psychophysical experiments and computational modeling. Department of Neuroscience, Columbia University.

                    1) How does the spatial distribution of simple features in caricature faces affect our perception?

                    2) Study curve adaptation aftereffect on facial expression judgment

                    3) Spatial distribution and temporal resolution of low-level curvature aftereffect and high-level facial expression aftereffect

                    Supervisor: Ning Qian, Department of Neuroscience, Mahoney Center for Brain & Behavior Research, and the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience, Columbia University

                    Collaborators: Peter Dayan, Richard M. Lipkin, Jianhua Wu, Leila Montaser Kouhsari


2001 2007: Visual neuroscience study by electrophysiological recording (single- and multiple-unit recording) include:

                    1) Visuotopic mapping and multi-channel microstimulation in area V1 for visual prosthesis Abstract

                    2) Study heading direction perception by extracellular single-unit recording in area MSTd Abstract

                    Advisor: David Bradley, Integrative Neuroscience, Department of Psychology and Committee on Computational Neuroscience, University of Chicago


2002-2005: Classify sleep stages of bird EEG waves by Hidden Markov Models (HMM)  Abstract Thesis PDF

                    Advisor: Zhiyi Chi, Department of Statistics, University of Chicago (currently at University of Connecticut)

                    Collaborators: Daniel Margoliash, Sylvan Shank




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