Jun 2021

I received a MINDEF grant (via Temasek Labs@NTU) to examine attitudes towards outgroup minorities in Singapore (S$321,302.00). Together with Benjy Li, Na Jin Cheon, Poong Oh, and Benjamin Detenber, we will assess the emerging faultlines in society as manifested in public perceptions, sentiments, and attitudes towards marginalized groups in Singapore, and test strategies and interventions to reduce prejudice and promote mutual understanding.

Jun 2021

Our interdisciplinary team comprised of faculty from WKWSCI (Nuri Kim, Poong Oh) and School of Computer Science and Engineering (Lana Obraztsova, Zinovi Rabinovich) received a new grant for our collaborative work on AI for Democracy (S$31,000.00). We are excited to explore this uncharted territory.

Jun 2021

My paper with Magdalena Wojcieszak and Juanjo Igartua ("How to Enhance the Effects of Mediated Intergroup Contact: Evidence from Four Countries") won the Best Paper of the Year Award from Mass Communication and Society. PDF

October 2019

Check out our new paper published in Media Psychology PDF

July 2019

Our paper won the Best Paper Award for “To share is to receive: News as social currency for social media” at the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) Annual Conference. Congrats to Edson Tandoc, Alice Huang, Andrew Duffy, and Rich Ling!

December 2018

My very first JOC paper explores the notion of intergroup contact in deliberative settings. PDF

September 2018

Today I received the Nanyang Education Award (School) that acknowledges “excellence” in teaching. I have a long way to go for “excellence” but I am grateful for the support and advice from my colleagues, and of course, the amazing students at WKWSCI who inspire me every day.

March 2018

I was awarded the AcRF Tier 1 Grant by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Singapore (S$79,920.00). The project is entitled “How Deliberation Broadens Minds: Development and Validation of a Scale for Measuring “Enlarged Thinking”.