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Professor Zhou Wei  

(also spelt as Wei Zhou or W. Zhou)

Tel: (65) 6790 4700   Fax: (65) 6792 4062

Email:   MWZhou@NTU.EDU.SG or WZhou@Cantab.Net

Postal Address:

General Office A, North Spine (N3), Level 2

School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Nanyang Technological University

50 Nanyang Avenue

Singapore 639798


Office Location:  N3.2-02-16 (Click here for map)


To Contribute to Society through the Pursuit of

Education, Learning, Research and Innovation  Current External Appointments

Chairman, National Mirror Committee to ISO / TC 44 Welding and Allied Processes (新加坡ISO / TC 44国际标准化全国委员会主席)

Expert, ISO / TC 44 / SC 9 Health and Safety

Expert, ISO / TC 44 / SC 10 Quality Management in the Field of Welding

Expert, ISO / TC 44 / SC 11 Qualification Requirements for Welding and Allied Processes Personnel

Expert, ISO / TC 44 / SC 14 Welding and Brazing in Aerospace

Council Member, Singapore Welding Society (SWS)

Chairman, Welding Technology & Standardization Committee of SWS

Chairman, Board of Examiners for International Institute of Welding (IIW) Authorized National Body of Singapore (S-ANB)

President, International Society for Intelligent Manufacturing (since May 2019, 国际智能制造学会主席)  Academic History & Professional Experience  Recent Research Grants

PI (Principal Investigator), Advanced Metallization Coatings using Cold Spray, 30 Apr 2021 to 14 Jan 2024, co-funded by National Research Foundation and Rolls Royce.

PI, Micromechanisms of Strengthening and Toughening of Steels, 24 Mar 2021 to 23 Mar 2026, funded by MRR.

PI, Condition Monitoring and Fault Prognosis of Robot Joints based on Fiber Optic Sensing and Deep Learning, under programme “Smart Mechatronic Lab for Industrial Collaborative Robotics in Manufacturing”, 15 Feb 2021 to 14 Feb 2024, co-funded by National Research Foundation and Schaeffler.

PI, Repair and Restoration of Airfoils by Induction Brazing (ARMS 1.2), 15 Jan 2019 to 14 Jan 2023, co-funded by National Research Foundation and Rolls Royce.

PI, Modular Design of Localised Heat Treatment Techniques (ARMS 3.1), 15 Jan 2019 to 14 Jan 2023, co-funded by National Research Foundation and Rolls Royce

PI for NTU, Development of Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing Process and Material Characterization for Applications in Marine & Offshore Industry, RCA with SIMTech (Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, A*Star), 31 Jan 2019 to 30 Jan 2023

PI, Ultrafast Laser Enhanced Ceramics-Metal Bonding, 15 Jun 2019 to 14 Jun 2020, TL@NTU Technology Assessment and Seed Research Programme, funded by Ministry of Defence, Singapore.

Co-PI, Autonomous Environmental Service Vehicles for Singapore, S$3,042,819 (15 Mar 2019 to 14 Sept 2020), SERC Grant No 182 22 00063.

Co-PI, A*STAR Additive Manufacturing Centre (AMC) Initiative - Development of Materials, Processes, Equipment and Standards for 3D Additive Manufacturing, S$5 million (1 Apr 2015 to 31 Mar 2020), funded by A*Star.

PI, ARTC grant on remanufacturing (Sept. 2015 to Sept. 2018)

Co-PI, Physical and Chemical Characterization of Key Engineering Processes via Advanced Modelling and Simulation Approaches from the Atomistic/Molecular-Scale to the Meso- and Continuum-Scales (May 2016 to Oct 2017)

Conf  Research Interests & Publications

More than 300 papers on:

·       Advanced manufacturing processes: welding, brazing, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, laser-assisted manufacturing …

·       Materials: steels, light alloys (Al & Ti), ultralight Mg alloys, and metal matrix composites.

·       Properties of materials: fracture, fatigue, wear, creep and corrosion.

Most of the papers are SCI-indexed and can be found from the following links:

Publons or Web of Science ResearcherID Website

ResearchGate Website

ORCiD Website

Google Scholar Website    >6000 citations, H-index = 35

Notes for Potential PhD Students and Visiting Scholars: 

(1)  PhD scholarship is rarely available. Among the current PhD students in my group, only one is on scholarship and all others are self-financed.

(2)  Self-funded Visiting Scholars (including visiting PhD students under CSC scheme) are welcome. However, I have been approached by so many applicants that I have no choice but turn down many of them.

(3)  If you would like to make an inquiry, please send an email to with your CV. I usually give a reply within a few days. Alternatively, you may call me using my office number or via Wechat (ID: weizhou91169706).


Courses lectured:

·       Materials Science (1st year common engineering core course)

·       Manufacturing Processes (2nd year core course)

·       Materials and Manufacturing Technology (2nd year BEng core course)

·       Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering (inter-school course)

·       Materials Engineering (4th year optional course)

·       Fracture and Fatigue (postgraduate student course)

·       Advanced Manufacturing Technology (postgraduate student course)

·       Laser Assisted Manufacturing (postgraduate student course)  Service to Industry & Profession  Awards & Honours  Links of Interest