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AdCom Meeting Report

8 July 2001

Westin Stamford and Westin Plaza Hotels

The Compact Modeling Committee Chair discussed a six-page report.  Significant points of the presentation included:
  • Narain Arora reported that the newly formed Compact Modeling Committee has been hard at work.  The object of the committee is to identify, examine, and evaluate current models for active and passive components used for circuit simulations.  The committee has formed its own website ( with the help of Dr. Xing Zhou.  A one or two day seminar is expected to be held in conjunction with the FSA in September of 2001.  Additionally, they have planned to hold the first workshop on MOSFET in April 2002.

  • A brief summary was given on the Committee's meeting that was held earlier in the day. Some issues that they discussed were the workshop that will be held in 2002 and the WCM-MSM 2002.  Also that they are currently working on tutorials on existing circuit models and that they are in the proposal phase of putting together an online journal on Compact Modeling.