Work Experience
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My research interest is in the general areas of  Signal, Image and Video Processing, with emphasis on:
  • Digital Video Coding, Streaming, and MPEG standards
  • Digital Image Coding and Error-resilience Transmission
  • Multidimensional Signal Representation: Fundamental Theory, Structure, and Design
  • Multidimensional Signal Processing: Denoising, Super-resolution, Error-Concealment, Segmentation, Indexing and Retrieval
  • Scene Analysis and Recognition
Milestone and Impact

On MPEG contributions, we have been working on encoder optimization issues, and our proposed fast motion estimation algorithms, Diamond Search (DS) and its extended version Motion Vector Field Adaptive Search Technique (MVFAST), have been adopted by the MPEG-4 standards in 1999 and 2000, respectively. Our works have been well cited in the professional literature, used in laboratories worldwide for benchmarking, and incorporated into digital video products that require compression engine. (Related links: The first item appeared in, shows the number of citations of our DS work, which is more than 260 so far; furthermore, Intel has a detailed study of DS and DS-based approaches, regarding the aspect of memory access while exploiting these algorithms, at

Our image denoising research has been recognized as the benchmarking performance reference in this area, with stunning performance breakthrough far exceeded all existing methods. The latest one can be found in "A Switching Median Filter With Boundary Discriminative Noise Detection for Extremely Corrupted Images," IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, Vol. 15, No. 6, pp. 1506-1516, June 2006.