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Virtual Campus is a VRML model of the real campus of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (to be exact, how it looked like 10 years ago).  The Virtual Campus can be accessed from any Internet-connected personal computer running MS Windows and Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Software to be installed: BS Contact VRML/X3D
VRML viewer for MS IE and Mozilla Firefox

Random VRML Scenes of the Virtual Campus


Upon arrival, right-click on the screen and make sure that you selected Direct 3D hardware acceleration (if available) in Settings/Preferences. A guide to navigation within 3D scene can be found here.

Scenes of the Virtual Campus




Principal Investigator: Alexei Sourin

The Team (1997-currently):  
Olga Sourina,
Lai Feng Min, Grace Tan
, Yee Yew Loong, Daniel Ng,
Benjamin Tan, Tong Chee Hua, Chok Ing Kiat, Tan Teck Wee,
Clara Chua, Kelvin Lim, Kuo Yien Kee, Lin Jia Wen, Teo Hwee Seong, Tan Pee Loon, Sharifah Khalilah Jelany,
Sheikh Dawood bin Abdul Ajees, Sabrina Quek Junying, Chua Zhi Mian, Neo Kin Hong Harry, Wei Lei

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Last updated 4 April, 2016

Copyright 1997-2006 Alexei Sourin, NTU.
The VRML models of the Virtual Campus and images published here may not be published, modified or otherwise redistributed 
in whole or part without prior approval.

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