Virtual Campus on SGI ONYX RE2 workstation

Research Grant ARP RG 35/96, 1997-2000.
Principal Investigator:
Alexei Sourin

Collaborators:   Dr. Seah Hock Soon, Dr. Li Ling (SCE)
FYP Students:   Lai Feng Min, Grace Tan, Yee Yew Loong, Daniel Ng

campus1.jpg (21390 bytes)
This is a virtual reality model of the NTU campus with the software tools allowing one to walk through the campus with a high level of realism. The real NTU campus occupies the area of 1.5x2.0 km with very uneven terrain, and has a large number of buildings with quite sophisticated architecture. Its virtual model was created with the powerful real-time modeling system MultiGen II Pro and a sound subsystem of Paradigm Vega on the SGI ONYX RE2. Compared to the VRML version of the Virtual Campus, this model has much higher level of photo-realism. The snapshots of the virtual campus are displayed below. 
campus2.jpg (19855 bytes)
campus5.jpg (5582 bytes)
The whole VR Campus is kept in this water globe...
campus3.jpg (21296 bytes) campus4.jpg (5912 bytes)
...that stands on this table.
Copyright 1997-2000 NTU, Alexei Sourin.
This material and the model may not be published, modified or otherwise redistributed in whole or 
part without prior approval.

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