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So how will all the research benefit students                Our premier programmes also have overseas components
and Singapore?                                               built in. For example, students on the CN Yang Scholars
                                                             Programme now spend eight months abroad for their final-
If you are a student taught by a top scientist, everything   year research project, where they work with distinguished
you learn is the latest. I call it “fresh food” as compared  researchers in world-class laboratories.
to “tin food”, which is learning from textbooks written by
others years ago.                                            The dual-degree Renaissance Engineering Programme,
                                                             the first-choice engineering programme among top
There are two types of research – applied research           pre-university students in Singapore, offers a full year of
and not-yet-applied research. NTU encourages our             studies at University of Berkeley, California, and Imperial
researchers and even students to translate and apply         College London. Northwestern University and University
their research into innovations and indeed many have         of British Columbia are being added.
done so.
                                                             The University Scholars Programme similarly comes with
We also have a track record of working with the industry,    overseas learning from the first year, and a curriculum that
with the likes of Rolls-Royce and BMW. It’s a win-win        challenges students to be intellectually daring and creative.
situation. These global multinationals choose NTU
because we have the research expertise to solve the          Our medical students get that vital clinical perspective
problems faced by the industry.                              early on, with chances to go overseas to apply their
                                                             skills and broaden their view of medicine. Some of our
And through these collaborations, NTU students gain          students studying to be teachers have also taught in
early industry exposure when they work on projects           countries like Finland, Sweden and the United States.
with these esteemed partners at our labs and even
go on internships there. Through these opportunities,        What other new developments are there on the
our students get to apply their knowledge and build          education front?
a network of valuable industry connections.
                                                             We started the Asian School of the Environment, which
Aside from benefiting students, the initiatives bring        taps the top faculty from NTU’s Earth Observatory of
long-term economic value for Singapore in terms              Singapore and the Singapore Centre for Environmental Life
of marketable innovations and solutions, and                 Sciences Engineering, both high-impact Research Centres
job creation.                                                of Excellence substantially funded by the government.

NTU has been creating many opportunities for                 NTU has also kept up with the changing face of learning
global exposure for students. How does a global              in this digital age and we have extended the flipped
education benefit students?                                  classroom pedagogy to even more courses, including
                                                             adult continuing education. The Hive, our much-lauded
In an increasingly interconnected world, learning should     centrepiece of flipped classroom learning, supports broad
be holistic and multidimensional, with strong global         forms of education, including the running of student-
and interdisciplinary perspectives. Recognising the          managed social enterprises. Another learning hub is
importance of this, our goal is to have eight in 10 NTU      being built and will be ready by 2017.
undergraduates go on at least one overseas stint during
their studies. That is an ambitious goal, given the size     In terms of student and employee achievements,
of NTU, but we are tracking well.                            what was a source of pride for you last year?

Ramping up on overseas exchange, we now have                 Individually, faculty, staff and students have brought glory to
more than 400 partner universities, and we support           NTU in their own distinctive ways, from building and racing
our students in various overseas competitions                Singapore’s first urban solar electric car to being named
and internships.                                             among the world’s most influential scientific minds.

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