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University Leadership

As at 31 July 2015

Senior Management Team

Prof Bertil Andersson                                    Prof Freddy Boey
President                                                Provost

Appointed on 1 July 2011                                 Appointed on 1 July 2011

Prof Andersson first became Provost in 2007, where       Before becoming Provost, Prof Boey was Chair of
he helped to strengthen NTU’s reputation as one of       NTU’s School of Materials Science & Engineering
the fastest-growing research-intensive universities in   from 2005 to 2010, leading its transformation into one
the world. He was installed as NTU’s third President     of the world’s largest materials engineering institutions
on 1 July 2011.                                          that is today ranked 8th in the world in its discipline.

He was formerly President of Linköping University,       A dedicated educator and administrator, he also
Sweden, from 1999 to 2003, and the Chief                 has a sterling record in moving his inventions into
Executive of the European Science Foundation from        commercial applications and has given the “made
2004 to 2007. At the helm of the European Science        in Singapore” label pride of place internationally.
Foundation in Strasbourg, France, his last post          A pioneer in the use of functional biomaterials for
before joining NTU, he consolidated research efforts     medical devices, Prof Boey has developed over 100
across 30 European countries.                            patents and founded companies to commercialise
                                                         his cardiovascular, ocular and surgical implants. His
A world-renowned plant biochemist with a                 company, Amaranth Medical, which develops fully
longstanding association with the Nobel Foundation,      biodegradable heart stents, was bought into by
where he had also chaired its Chemistry Committee,       Boston Scientific.
Prof Andersson has pioneered research on the
artificial leaf, a promising area of sustainable energy  Among Prof Boey’s inventions is a surgical tissue
research that uses sunlight to produce clean, low-       retractor that has been sold in the US, Europe, Japan,
cost sources of energy.                                  Middle East and India. His nano-based drug delivery
                                                         system to treat glaucoma has been successfully
He is the winner of the Wilhelm Exner Medal,             deployed in human trials. A customisable hernia mesh
awarded since 1921 to top global scientists and          he developed is the first such surgical mesh approved
visionaries, including Nobel laureates, for their life-  for sale by the US Food and Drug Administration.
changing research. Well-regarded for championing
high-impact science and engineering, he has              Prof Boey actively champions the marriage of
received more than 12 honorary doctorates and            research, education and enterprise on campus. For
serves on the boards of numerous international           his distinguished contributions to Singapore’s science
organisations.                                           and engineering landscape and his role in nurturing
                                                         young research talent, he was awarded the 2013
12 NTU ANNUAL REPORT 2015                                President’s Science and Technology Medal, a top
                                                         national honour. He also has a Faculty of Medicine
                                                         Fellowship from Imperial College London.
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