Types of Impact

Impact of WSSI activities may be measured toward 3 goals:

  • AWARENESS: Raising awareness of the possibility of a large earthquake and its consequences.
  • TRAINING: Teaching people at all levels that methods of mitigation are easily, possible and are not excessively expensive.
  • IMPLEMENTATION: Implementation of mitigation procedures based on making them a higher priority than competing demands for resources and time.

The most important part is step (C) " Implementation". However, this never happens without (A) "Awareness" and (B) " Training". If (A) and (B) are carried out, and resources are available, then (C) may occur. However, history has shown that this is not always the case. Often a strong catalyst may be necessary before the existing situation is changed and implementation occurs. Moving decision-makers over this hump to ensure implementation is What WSSI refers to as " The Last Mile". WSSI seeks to be a catalyst for change before the next devastating earthquake.

WSSI is working on awareness, training and on implementation through its all activities.

Major Mileposts...

Many of WSSI's actions on " the road to implementation" are expected to result in long-term on the ground changes, and there is still much to be accomplished, WSSI has reached some major mileposts on this road. These are related to ( A ) Awareness, ( B ) Training and ( C ) Implementation.

  • Establishment of six national earthquake engineering societies which multiply WSSI's efforts ( A & B )
  • IAEE Guidelines for earthquake Resistant Non-Engineered Buildings. The writing, distribution, and translation into local languages was carried out in conjunction with other organizations. ( B )
  • Many reports from different countries related to ( A ) ( B ) and ( C ) which are in the ICUS 2004-01 report. One particular example of success in given below.
A Nepal Story:

Between 1993 and 1999 the Nepal representative at the WSSI workshop indicated that:

  • The earthquake disaster preparedness capacity was enhanced greatly
  • An international project to strengthen school buildings has been carried out successfully
  • Efforts by the local people attracted the attention of donor countried and international organizations who they supported several projects for earthquake disaster mitigation in Nepal.

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