Professor Sam Zhang, President, Thin Films Society; Series Editor, CRC Materials Book
Principal Editor, JMR; Founding Editor-in-Chief, NNL (2008-2015)

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  • Materials Science(1st Year Tutorial)
  • MP4F01-MATERIALS ENGINEERING - FT+PT: eLearning Week lecture module: X-Ray Diffraction
  • Advanced Materials Characterization Techniques
  • Ultraprecision and Micromachining Processes
  • Nanotechnology II
  • TECH & MATERIALS (TUT): eLearning Week Tutorial Module: Casting
  • P2.11: Effect of stress and temperature on creep(2nd Year Lab Project)
  • Invited Papers/Talks & Short Courses (External) grading.jpg (23923 bytes)
  • Lecture Timetable
  • Examination Timetable
  • Final Year Project Time Table
  • FYP Presentation Schedule
  • Grade Point Average (GPA system)

  • Writing Technical Reports

    Report Writing Anatomy (FYP students, Master students, PhD students: please read or click to download a pdf copy)
    38 Words Keypoint in writing a thesis
    What Makes a PhD
    On Length of Report (also available in pdf format)
    How to hyperlink references in a word document?

    Writing Scentific Papers

    First Draft (by San Francisco Edit)
    On Abstract and Conclusion
    How to Write Discussion?
    How to annotate a pdf file?
    How to hyperlink references in a word document?
    Developing Effective Table sand Figures (by San Francisco Edit)

    38 Words Keypoint in writing a paper

    How to get your paper published? - a 2-hour talk given in October 2007 separately in Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin Medical University and Daqing Petroleum University attended by a total of over 700 professors and graduate students. The same talk was also invited to present at Chongqing University on 23rd November 2007 (attended by over 400 audience), Xiamen University on 5th December 2007,Dailan Nationality University on 10th December 2007 and National Cheng Kung Univeristy (Taiwan) on 24 December 2007. 26th May 2009 at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Aerospace; 2nd June 2009 at Harbin Normal University; 3rd June 2009 at Jamusi University; 22nd June 2009 at Chongqing Communications University; 19 Oct 2009 at Nanjing Aeronautical and Aerospace University; 22 Oct 2009 at Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; 7 Nov 2009 at Liangning Industrial University; 29 Nov 2009 at Shenyang University; 20 Oct 2010 at School of Materials and Engineering, Northeastern University; Cheng Kung University, Taiwan; Ming Chi Uniersity of Technology, Taiwan; March 2014, MAE, NTU; Dayeh University; 4 Sept 2015 at NTU.

    My Will, My Way a talk given over 200 undergraduate students of optoelectronics major at Dalian Nationalities University on 27th May 2010
    ; and to 600 students at Hanqing Auditoriumon, Northeastern University on 21 Oct 2010; Asia Univeristy, Taiwan;

    Presentation Skills

    What Make a Good Presentation

    On OUTLINE (an email communication to the group)

    on PhD Oral Defense

    On answering questions (an email communication to the group)

    The Periodic Table of Elements On the Web

    The Periodic Table of Elements
    The Web Elements
    The Periodic Table of Elements in Alphabetical Order

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