Professor Sam Zhang, President, Thin Films Society; Series Editor, CRC Materials Book
Principal Editor, JMR; Founding Editor-in-Chief, NNL (2008-2015)

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Sam's Current Research Centers In the Following Four Areas:

  • Hard yet tough nanocomposite coatings for tribological applications by physical vapor deposition ; Measurement of fracture toughness of cerammic films and coatings.
  • Biological Coatings and Drug Delivery Applications: Sol-Gel synthesis of hydroxyapatite coating on titanium alloys for biomedical applications; bioMEMS; Controlled drug release.
  • Electronic Thin Films in optoelectronic applications, data storage, etc.
  • Energy Films and Coatings for dye sensitized solar cells and solid oxide fuel cells.
  • Collaborating Professors/Researchers:

    Click for staff member's hompage SUN Lidong: Thin Film Solar Cell of High Efficiency (Chongqing University, China) Click for staff member's hompage DUAN Fei: Energy Thin Films (School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
    Click for staff member's hompage MHAISALKAR Subodh: Energy Thin Films (School of Materials Science and Engineering)

    Research staff

    Click for staff member's hompage HAN Guifang (Advisor : ZHANG Sam; Mhaisalkar Subodh): Energy Thin Films

    PhD students

    Master of Engineering Students

    Master of Science Students

    Undergraduate students

    Click for staff member's hompage TEO Teck Chye (Advisor : ZHANG Sam) B506: Novel inorganic electron transporting materials to improve stability of perovsktie solar cell Click for staff member's hompage MUHAMAD Rafiq B Jamil (Advisor : ZHANG Sam) B155: All inorganic perovskites for long term stable photovoltaics
    Click for staff member's hompage MARCUS Lin Yiquan (Advisor : ZHANG Sam) B154: Bandgap engineering of 3D perovskite for BIPV and tandem applications Click for staff member's hompage ONG Cheng Jun (Advisor : ZHANG Sam) B153: 2D and 3D mixed perovskites for bandgap tuning and stability

    Past Staff and Students

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    To contact Prof Sam Zhang - Tel: +65 6790 4400 (office)     FAX: +65 6791 1859   
    Snail Mail: School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, 50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798