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J. Jackson Ewing

J. Jackson Ewing
Adjunct Research Fellow
Email: isjjewing@ntu.edu.sg





J. Jackson Ewing is Adjunct Research Fellow at the Centre for Non-Traditional Security (NTS) Studies in the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University. He was previously Research Fellow and Coordinator of the Environmental Security and Climate Change at the Centre. His research interests include both traditional and non-traditional security issues throughout the Asia-Pacific, and his past work has focused on the capacity for environmental factors and processes to contribute to the causes of instability and civil conflict. Prior to joining the Centre for NTS Studies, Dr Ewing taught on a range of environmental and security issues while serving as Teaching Fellow and PhD Candidate in the International Relations Department at Bond University in Gold Coast, Australia. During this period, Dr Ewing also published multiple chapters in the first, second, and third editions of The Globalization of World Politics: Case Studies from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific. Dr Ewing’s PhD work saw him spend a large part of 2008 in the Philippines, where he served as Visiting Researcher in the Ateneo Center for Asian Studies (ACAS) at Ateneo de Manila University and as Fellow at the Institute for Strategic and Development Studies (ISDS). Dr Ewing has presented and published multiple works on environmental and climate security in the Philippines as a result of this research, and continues to work on environmental security issues in the Philippines’ southern maritime regions.

At the RSIS Centre for NTS Studies, Dr Ewing focused primarily on the importance of changing agricultural production systems for food security in Asia, connections between environmental changes and migration patterns in South and Southeast Asia and the role of natural resources and environmental stress in regional separatist movements. Dr Ewing led a large research project in mid-2012 that explored and mapped the nexus connecting environmental, food and energy security in Southeast Asia. He has presented his research through multiple international forums and continues to publish on these topics. 

Posted on: 27/10/2010 9:40:54 AM  |  Topic: Other NTS Issues

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