Euston Quah
Division of Economics
Head, Economics
B.A. (Hons) - Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada, 1982
M.A. - University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 1984
Ph.D - National University of Singapore, Singapore, 1988

Email: ecsquahe@ntu.edu.sg
Tel: 6790-6431
Fax: 6794-6303

School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Nanyang Technological University
14 Nanyang Drive
Singapore 637332

Professor Euston Quah is Head, Department of Economics and former Acting Chair of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Nanyang Technological University , Singapore.

Prior to this, he was Vice-Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the National University of Singapore; Deputy Director of the Public Policy Programme (now called the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy); Founding Director of the Singapore Centre for Applied and Policy Economics (SCAPE); and headed the economics department at the National University of Singapore.

He is a prolific writer with publications in well-known international journals such as World Development, Applied Economics, Environment and Planning, Journal of Environmental Management, International Review of Law and Economics, Journal of Economics, Journal of Public Economic Theory, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, among others, and some 6 books including Cost-Benefit Analysis (5th edition with E.J. Mishan; Routledge, UK); Siting Environmentally Unwanted Facilities (with KC Tan; Edward Elgar, UK) and Economics and Home Production (Ashgate, UK). In 2008, he published a textbook, Principles of Economics, (Thomson, USA) with Gregory Mankiw (former Chairman of US Council of Economic Advisors and Harvard Professor). A second edition is being published and will appear in 2012.His latest book , titled ‘Cost-Benefit Analysis : Cases and Materials’ was very recently published by Routledge , UK . One of his earlier books was selected for inclusion by the International Library of Critical Writings in Economics in 2004 by Professor Mark Blaug (University of London: Series Editor) for works deemed influential on the subject of inquiry.

Professor Quah’s work has also been reviewed favourably by prestigious journals such as the Journal of Economic Literature (USA), and the Economic Journal (UK); and cited by Professor Sherwin Rosen (former Editor of the Journal of Political Economy, Professor Reuben Gronau of University of Chicago and Professor Robert Ellickson of Yale University).

In 2005, Professor Quah was invited to be one of the keynote speakers for the Eminent Environmental Economists Conference organised by UNESCAP and participated as an Invited Keynote Panel Speaker in the Environmental Debate for the Wildlife and Environmental Film Festival organised by World Wide Fund For Nature in 2007 . In 2009, he was invited by Stanford University to be a participant in a Dialogue on Climate Change; and a Discussant Speaker on Climate Change and the Environment by the Japan Centre for Economic Research and the Asian Economic Policy Review Journal. He was also invited to speak at a conference on global warming organised by Princeton University and Shanghai Jia Tong University .In 2010,  he was invited  as Panel Speaker on Climate Change and the Economy by The US Inter-Pacific Bar Association where other Speakers had included MM Lee Kuan Yew , former US VP , Al Gore , Supreme Court Judges, and leading academicians. Prof Quah has also been invited to speak in the Distinguished Speakers Seminar Series at the Asian Development Bank Institute in Tokyo, 2010.  And more recently, he was a Speaker Panel Discussant in the World Bank Conference on East Asian Development in 2011.

Professor Quah had published some first Singapore studies relating to the environment such as the first cost of air pollution study of Singapore; the first study on the transboundary haze problem in Southeast Asia; and the first study on the social cost of smoking. He is an advisor to the government on the environment as well as contributed to cost-benefit studies on key public projects. In 2009 - 2010, he served as a Member for the Singapore Government’s Economic Strategies Sub-Committee on Energy and Environment.

Professor Quah is Editor of the Singapore Economic Review; Co-Editor of International Gambling Studies (edited at Australian National University); past Associate Editor of the Asian Economic Journal (edited at Chinese University of Hong Kong and Osaka University) and on the editorial boards of the ASEAN Economic Bulletin (edited at ISEAS), Journal of Korea Trade (edited at Dankook University) Euro-Asia Business and Economic Society (Turkey); Asian Development Review (edited at the Asian Development Bank Institute, Tokyo) and Open Law Journal (Bentham Science UK). He had served on the Board of Trustees of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies; Council Member of Singapore Institute of International Affairs; Adjunct Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Policy Studies, HDB Advisory Panel; Committee Member ,  Singapore Medical Council for Complaints; Board Member , Energy Studies Institute (NUS) and Member of the Energy Market Authority Board of Singapore. In addition, Professor Quah is on the External Review Panel of the Overseas Development Institute , UK (a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Sponsored Project for Development and Measurement of Progress ); and an External Review Member of the Asian Development Bank on China, India, and ASEAN . He is also presently, President of the Economic Society of Singapore.

Professor Quah has consulted and/or advised the following government Ministeries: Home Affairs; National Environment Agency; National Development; Environment and Water Resources; Community Development, Youth, and Sports; Finance; and Trade and Industry. Among the private sector and international organisations, Professor Quah had consulted/advised for PriceWaterHouse; Gentings; Economica (Canada); International Development Research Centre (IDRC); World Bank; and Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Professor Quah’s views have appeared very frequently in the popular press and in both local (The Straits Times, TODAY, Singapore Business etc) and foreign media including the British Broadcasting Corporation, Channel News Asia, Radio Denmark, Reuters, and major newspapers in Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and France.

A recipient of the Hitachi Scholarship Foundation award as the First Komai Fellow in 1989, Professor Quah obtained his degrees from Simon Fraser University, National University of Singapore, and the University of Victoria, Canada.

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Research Interests

  • Environmental Economics
  • Resource Allocation and Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Law and Economics
  • Household Economics