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Our research programs in our laboratory combine chemistry, nanotechnology, and materials science approaches to develop functional nanostructures for novel catalysis, diagnosis and sensing applications. Our research activities involve nanoparticle synthesis, surface chemistry, self-assembly, nanopatterning, nanofabrication, materials and device characterization. We use molecular-specific surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) to perform study on the fundamentals and applications of catalysis, sensing, diagnosis and plasmonic studies at real time, within nanometer range of spatial resolution and spectroscopically.

News Board

Nov 2018: Mian Rong is awarded the Dr. Goh Lai Yoong Award for her Ph.D. work, congrats!


September 2018: Our work is featured in Royal Society of Chemistry themed collection, ‘Celebrating Excellence in Research: 100 Women of Chemistry’ !


August 2018: Charlynn won the Best Poster Award at "ACS on Campus" event!


July 2018: Convocation! It is the time of the year when we say goodbye to our graduates (Bachelor and PhD degrees). This year, we celebrate the graduation of Li Keng, Kwok Wei, Jing Yi, Yee Ling (Bachelor degrees), Hiang Kwee, Mian Rong, Wee Shern, Yijie, and Yang Zhe (PhD degrees). Congratulations to all and best wishes!!


July 2018: Prof. Safi Jradi from University of Technology of Troyes visits CBC and gives a seminar on "Metallic Nanoparticles: Strategies for On-surface Synthesis, 3D Patterning and Studying Plasmon-induced Chemistry at the Nanoscale."


July 2018: Congrats to Hiang Kwee for winning the Dr. and Mrs. Tan Pang Kee Gold Medal for his PhD work! This award is given to the most outstanding PhD student from the division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.


May 2018: Congrats to Charlynn for winning the Best Poster Award at the inaugural Chemistry National Meeting Singapore (ChnmSG) 2018!


May 2018: Congrats to Chee Leng for winning the Royal Society Chemistry Best Oral Award at the inaugural Chemistry National Meeting Singapore (ChnmSG) 2018!


May 2018: Hiang Kwee is awarded the prestigious College of Science International Postdoctoral Scholarship! It is a Ministry of Education-Autonomous University (MOE-AU) scholarship to support outstanding scientists to pursue a tenure-tracked academic career in CoS by supporting their postdoctoral studies abroad. Many congrats to Dr. Lee!


May 2018: Congrats to Chee Leng for winning the Women Science Travel Grant. It is the College of Science's grant to provide opportunities for visibility and networking for young women scientists embarking on their early career.


March 2018: Congratulations to Dr. Zhe YANG for successfully defended his thesis!


Jan 2018: Hiang Kwee is invited by NRF Singapore to attend Global Young Scientists Summit 2018! It is a gathering of young scientists and researchers with eminent international science and technology leaders, such as Nobel Prize laureates, Fields Medal winners and etc.


Dec 2017: We celebrate Mian Rong's success in defending her thesis! Best wishes to Dr. Lee (the III)!


Oct 2017: Hiang Kwee successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Lee!


Oct 2017: Yijie successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Yang!


Jun 2017: Hiang Kwee attends the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2017! He joins 420 next generation scientists from all over the world in meeting 30 Nobel Laureates at Lindau, Germany.


Jun 2017: Congrats to Chee Leng for winning the 2017 MRS-Singapore Graduate Student Award at the ICMAT 2017!


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